Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reasons Why I Love 2014

Many people want to fast forward to 2015 because they think that 2014 wasn't their year. But for me, I always want to look back. 2014 is like my favorite book, with colorful pages that I'll never get tired of flipping. It wasn't exactly a perfect year, but it was surely beautiful. Before the year ends, I want to share some significant moments that made my 2014 unlike any other year.

1. PYLP 11. It's quite obvious if you look at my previous blogposts. But I'll never get tired of spilling how much thankful I am that God willed me to seize that kind of opportunity. I got a taste of independence, it somehow prepared me to what's out there this coming 2015. Plus, it actually changed me for the better. I realized what it really takes to become a better person--you have to think of greater things that others seem to ignore.

2. Debate tournaments. It's quite a roller coaster for a rookie like me. I participated in a couple of tournaments and exchanged thoughts with different people. Debating is just a part of me now, that I never want to let go. It's not just about 7 minutes of talking in front of people, there are so many other meaningful things in between. It would be ridiculous to say that awards don't matter, because every debater works hard and usually gets what he or she deserves. But there are so much more than that. My debating career in 2014 allowed me to become more open-minded, determined and sensitive. Debate made me strong.

3. Senior year. Yup, high school is about to end! 2014 was so good because I felt like I built more connection with the people in my school. Let's face it, my grades did drop so much. But it never really discouraged me to motivate myself and inspire others. Thank God for the amazing people around me, who keep on believing in me even in times when I could not afford to believe in myself anymore. You know who you guys are.

4. Good times with Faber. Even the smallest thing, like eating at a local shawarma place meant so much to me. It's never a dull moment when I am with them. School did really stress us for so many times, but when we got to do things together, school activities weren't really dull. Sooner, I'm going to miss these things. We are on the clingy stage, and it will be so painful to let go soon. 

5. Chill with ACE. We're not really into intellectual stuff when we're together. We're into eating, a lot.I just love these people, I'm not sure how to say goodbye to them and to our small gatherings. When we're out together, it's always about the laughter and bonding. Thirteen thanks to all the memories we shared.

6. Stylista life. 2014 has also been stylish for me. I can say that it's the year when I discovered my fashionista self and unleashed my passion for fashion. I'm always thankful because if not for 2014, I might never see meaning in colors and patterns. You'll be seeing more of my style this 2015, promise!

7. A happy family. My parents played a huge role all my life, and in 2014, I can say that they did a pretty great job. They supported me with my plans and they constantly remind me to follow my heart. My siblings are the best, as always! This 2015, we will have more fun time for sure. 

8. Meet and greet with James Reid. I never thought I would post this here, but It was truly a great day. Thanks, Aira for the ticket. I will watch out for James and Nadine this 2015. Not that I am a hardcore fan or what, but I can call myself a supporter. 

9. Project BECAUSE. It's always fun to do something you love, right? I am really thankful that such school activity existed. Being a CEO made me realize that I am really inclined to business, and so I shall nurture this passion this 2015. Thanks to all the people who supported me and my team in this micro business. (I told you, I'll paint the world pink one step at a time!) Like our page here: facebook.com/projectBECAUSE2014

10. Blogging! It's been a beautiful year and blogging all the amazing things that happened to me is worth it. I just love typing and taking pictures and sharing all of them to the people who want to read them. That's why all the positive feedback about my blog mean a lot to me. I'll, once again, try to be an active blogger because something always awaits as long as I have this hobby.

2014 has been a crazy, fantastic year. I don't say that it was all about happy times, because there were so many challenges that I had to face. Maybe the reason why I still find it necessary to say thanks for the year, is because I find happiness in everything. It's a beautiful world, indeed! Life is too short for wasting time, that's why I always make the most out of it. For the record, you should, too.



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