Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On Being Average

Just recently, I came across a post about being average—that there’s nothing wrong about not being on the extremes. It just kept me thinking about things that I had to write this post even though I know that I have lots of academic stuff to do. Priorities, I know. But I promise I'll try my best to make a point.

The thing is, one is only considered to be under the spotlight if either he or she is on the margins. People who do not meet the standards of the society are called suckers, losers, unprivileged while those who exceed expectations are called exceptional, special, commendable. You know what I think? I think that’s so unfair. How about those who actually meet the standards, who actually do something that somehow contributes to the greater good? Why do we keep on appreciating only those who stand out? Why can’t we be on the middle to be considered successful? 

I just hate it how life is designed to be lived like that. People teach you to excel because that’s how the world will consider you as a winner. We only begin to acknowledge people’s talents when they actually do something that has never been done by other people before. But is it possible for each one of us to be able to do that? I’m sure all of us heard the familiar pep talk that our elders give us--we are surely meant to be exceptional at one aspect of life. Sure, I believe that. But we fail to realise that if all of us are truly exceptional, then there are others who also are, aside from ourselves. And if there are those who are so much better than us, then it should feel like it’s okay. I think having other people better than you doesn’t make you or your talents less. I think that’s just how life works: there will always be someone who is better, greater, smarter than you. But that doesn't and shouldn’t mean that you’re less. But them getting the award, for example, makes you feel like you are. And it's not supposed to be like that. Because as long as these people exist, and I tell you they will keep on existing, you'll never take the credit for doing something right. 

So tell me, how does one really win at life? 

P.S. I wrote this during the hell week last sem and I forgot to post it. More reflection posts soon! I may or may not be taking a break from outfit posting. 


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