Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Story of the Sexy Seniors

I am not a sporty person, I am the indoor kind. That's why for the past three years of high school, I never found intramurals exciting. I actually didn't bother about anything else, except that I get to have chill time with my friends and a break from all the school stuff. I know, what a nerd. But this year was surprisingly different. This time, I made sure that I will have a memorable intramurals. Thank God that I did, and I will tell you why. 
Opening Program (Lighting of the torch.)
Opening Program (Parade of banners.)
I was so hands on with the preparation together with my batch mates. I was not able to join in any of the events, because my schedule was too tight and again, I am not sporty. For this reason, I promised to give every support I could give. I really enjoyed motivating them. But nothing beats the way I cheered for them, knowing that I am not a loud person. Screaming my heart out and clapping endlessly were the best parts! 

Our class was in-charge of the banners. (Sads and her team are very talented!)
I can say that winning really meant something for us. Everyone had the vibe of being "game" with anything. We all did our best to attend practices and skip times with our groups. Every effort paid off. We won a grand slam kind of victory. The reason behind this is simple: we believed that we could make it.
I watched them practice their stunts and dances. (Congrats, guys!)
I never expected our batch to be as united as we are right now. Conflicts between sections and groups were resolved. Everyone seems to be friends.  It's cool how we found this kind of companionship. I hope everything will stay the same.

Here are a few moments I captured:

Hangout with some Faber girlfriends. Fun! (Credits: Reema Jumsali)

Monopod moment with K. (Thanks Alessi for letting us use your monopod!)

With them guys, chilling.

Intense soccer game!

So proud of these girls!

We pushed it! 

Sexy Seniors batch picture (Closing)
Trophy moment. 

I am sure that the lower year levels will feel the same way when they will reach their last year in high school. Eventually, they will understand why their ate's and kuya's went wild and crazy. I wish them all the best! The countdown to graduation really begins, I cry. Until next time, guys!


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