Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Busy DC

Visiting another state of America sounded really exciting. I feel very honored and grateful that I got the chance to go to the capital of the United States. Set in a contemporary setup, Washington DC also has a historical setback for me when we visited some of its significant places.

Washington Monument
Thanks Ate Jas for taking this! 
Here are the exciting things that PYLP 11 did in Washington, District of Columbia:

1. Visit to the different Memorials

Vietnam Memorial
Korean Memorial
Abraham Lincoln Memorial (Outside)
Abraham Lincoln Memorial (Inside)
The notable Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln
To my friends, this was a wishing well (or fountain)
Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Memorial
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
One of the women I look up to, Eleanor Roosevelt.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
World War II Memorial
Thanks Kuya Al for taking this!
Wise words!
I honestly liked all the memorials, I mean each of them was different in their own way. But my favorite memorial was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s because I have been a great fan of him ever since I can remember. I kind of recognized almost all of his quotes when I walked around the park. Going there really meant a lot to me because it felt as if I got to know him more and I also had a deeper understanding of his principles.

2. Visit to the White House

Credits: Aldrin Quintero
R-L: Shamy, Ate Jas, Ate Akizah, Me, Sefie, Rina, Ate Hanie, Kuya Moby, Alyssa
R-L: Kuya Al, Me, Ate Jas, Shamy, Sefie
The White House (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
Outside the White House (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
We got to see President Barack Obama by chance! All of us were so honored.
3. Visit to the Department of State

The graduate was so happy!
Here, we got to meet and thank some of the people that made it possible for us to be part of the PYLP. We also told our own stories. We shared what we loved most about America. We proudly spoke about what this program did to us. It was really cool to receive our own certificates. 

4. Visit to the United States Capitol

Aside from the tour, we also got to sit-in the U.S. Senate and Congress.
5. Visit to the Smithsonian Museum

I loved the interior of the Natural Museum!
Thanks Merfie for taking this!
This was really my favorite part! 
First Ladies' gowns!
First Ladies' gowns!
First Ladies' gowns!
I love this! 
Potterhead alert!
The scenario every waiting time. I miss you, PYLP 11!
Taking selfies is still the best thing!


I never imagined that I can go to these places at the age of fifteen. This experience is, once again, something to be thankful of. I really loved DC. We only toured around the place for five short days, but it was really worth it. 

I had so many unforgettable experiences and it's also because of the people I was with. It was in DC where I felt that my journey with the PYLP11 was really about to end. But on the brighter side, I believe that it was also in DC where all of us realized that no matter what happens when we get home, once a family will always be a family.

More dramatic posts next time!


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