Monday, May 12, 2014

New Beginning

"This is it!", I told myself when the official result of Philippine Youth Leadership Program year 11 came out. I was excited to see the wonders of America and open my doors to new people and new experiences. Along with this, however, was the nervousness and doubt if I can really make it until the end of the program. 

Credits: Aldrin Quintero
Nevertheless, I took the risk of confirming and complied all the necessary documents. I took the risk of leaving home to start living independently. I took the risk of forgetting about my separation anxiety to be with a new family. When I look back, I realize that the risks I took also made it possible for me to become a better person.

Credits: Earl Padayao
This is the first ground of memories. This is the place where all of us felt nervous about our documents, clustered into Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta (best groups in the world!), practiced our cultural presentations and briefed about Mindanao. This is also where we saw each other's flaws and edges. If not for this place, we wouldn't see how each of us grew while we were in the program.

Session! Once upon a time, Merfie was super silent. Spot her! (Credits: Earl Padayao)

On our way to the U.S. Embassy (Credits: Earl Padayao)

The boys of PYLP. Hahaha! (Can you spot Daniel Padilla? Hi Kuya Miles!)

ZamPen practicing. Go Chino the choreographer!
R-L: Wynn, Ronna, Sef and I performing for the 2nd or 3rd time. HA-HA! You guys know what I mean.

R-L: Sef, Ronna, Kuya Al, Wynn and I

On our way to the the PDOS. (Credits: Kuya Onjie)
Groupie after our Pre-departure Orientation!

Groupie after an inspiring session!
Here are some selfies that we captured:

Selfie! (CTO!)

Selfie! (CTO!)
Then just like that, we felt as if we knew each other for a very long time. We were looking forward to have more memories together. We were bound for something better. We were ready to be the leaders of our time.

Bayview, I will miss you!


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