Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello America!

We traveled from Manila to Nagoya, Nagoya to Detroit then Detroit to Ohare. From Ohare, we rode the bus to Dekalb, Illinois. It was a long travel, but we realized that all of it was worth it when we got there. 

DELTA Airlines bag tag.
Arrival! Haggard from long hours of sleep in flights.
Arrival! (CTO)
The Northern Illinois University's Castle
Northern Illinois University was the host school of this program. We stayed in Holmes Student Center for a week. We usually had our sessions in Heritage. We used the computers in College Grind. We stroled around NIU Bookstore when we're bored. We ate-all-we-cared in Neptune. 

Group picture while we were touring the campus. (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)

Late-night rehearsals for the production number. (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
With Ate Jas and Sefi (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
Say HUSKIES! (Credits: Earl Padayao)
First time to stroll around the campus. It was so cold! (Credits: Shami Makalingkang)
Jump shot! (Credits: Norhanie Saganding)
Session with Kuya Rey. (Credits: ITO)
Another session. (Credits: ITO)
Another session. (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
I don't know why we are so happy. (CTO)
Group picture after the water contamination workshop. (Credits: ITO)
Waiting for my clothes to dry. (Credits: Rina Mutiangpili)
Group picture in the common room. (Credits: Earl Padayao)
ZamPen plus Ate Aki and Ate Reham in the common room. (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)

One of the craziest photos. P.S. Yousef, I did not post your starring photo. Haha (CTO)
Last meal in Neptune. I was really sad because there was no ice cream available. Haha!
Late-night adventure with Kuya Al, Fatima and Merfie. Kuya Aldrin was out there somewhere. Last night in Dekalb.

Selfie! (CTO)
There were so many unforgettable moments. Sometimes, no camera was needed to capture them. I will surely miss every single crazy thing with my PYLP family. All of us think that Dekalb is really our home. Crossed fingers that someday, we will be given the chance to go back and reminisce this life-changing journey.

The bus rides ended.


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