Sunday, March 23, 2014

Throwback to a Roadtrip

This school trip is one of the best I have ever had. Besides from the fact that almost half of my class joined and a huge number of participants came from our school, I have always been fond of Statistics Camp. This was my third year to join and my expectations did not fail me. It was a 3-day getaway--as if an escape from all the stress that I got from school.
Credits: Kenneth Chuacon
Pre-departure of ADZU participants
Bus number 5 buddies.
First night selfie with Faber.
Our travel package for 8th Western Mindanao Statistics Camp was by Fantasyland Travel and Tours. Dapitan City is very beautiful. It mirrors the great things that nature can give. The people are nice. Plus, the place is very historical since Dr. Jose Rizal spent years there.

Very beautiful view in Rizal's place, Dapitan.
Groupie with 3rd year friends in Rizal's place, Dapitan.
For the first two nights, we stayed in the central school of the city. I felt that nostalgic feeling since after three years, it felt like grade school all over again! During those years, I used to go to different places and sleep in schools. I miss those days. All the activities were held in the same venue. It was such a spacious and a happy environment.
Pension House memories. Thanks to my good friend Giro for letting us sleep for a few moments and take a bath.
I did a few things for my team's victory. One of the most memorable activities is the debate. I was so happy that we won. Reaching the grands alone meant so much to me, since it was my first time to actually reach a debate grand finals. Plus, finals' best speaker. What an honor! (Sorry, bragging rights! Just kidding, spare me!) I just can't contain my extreme happiness.
After debate victory with Alessi and Ate Rose.
We also visited Dakak after the camp. We stayed there for a night and I really had a great time with my friends. 
Beach selfie in Dakak Beach Resort. I forgot to use sunblock. 
Adventure buddies.
I look so sleepy. Midnight snack at a fancy restaurant. Love the taste of their spaghetti!
We went to FanrasyLand during the second night. I had so much fun even though I only tried a few rides. It was my second time to visit the place and it was really nice to see improvements. I still didn't have the guts to enter the Horror House and ride the roller coaster-like ride named Zimmerman. There is always next time.

P.S This blog post was supposed to be published last month. I totally forgot because of the loads of school requirements. Sorry. Thanks for reading, though it's not fresh. Ha-ha!


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