Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dream Come True

No words can express how happy I was when I knew that Victor Hugo's Les Miserables was the chosen theatre for this year. I was so excited to shed some real tears as I watch my favorite play. It was also good to know that there were some in the group who were avid fans, too (shoutout to Tita Leslie, Tita Srie, Kuya Miles, Kuya Oleg, Mizzie, Ate Jas, Ate Ces and Ronna!)

Les Mis merchandise! I was the happiest kid when I saw this. The shirt reminds me of Marnel, by the way. Haha!
Credits: Aldrin Quintero

Credits: ITO
We all tried to look our best that night. What the guys wore were pretty much the easiest, just sleeves and coats and ties. But in the girl's floor, we went panic dressing! We went room hopping for borrowing each other's make ups, shoes, dresses and accessories. It was fun and surely memorable! It felt like I had fifteen sisters. Fun!

To my look and style readers, I promised to post a selfie of how I looked that night. Nothing special, super light make up and random hairstyle. Plus, what I wore was so simple. I was trying to get that elegant but edgy look and I guess I achieved it. Nothing goes wrong with black!


Thanks Rina for taking this photo!
Table mates! R-L: Kuya Miles, Kuya Moby, Ate Jas, Ate Anne, Ronna, Me, Rina, Kuya Algem
After the show. Look how overwhelmed Ate Ces and I were! (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)

ZamPen! I love this photo. (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
One of the best photos. So red carpet-ish. Haha (Credits: Aldrin Quintero
With Jean Valjean! (Credits: Wynn Arnuco)

Formal Pylpers! (Credits: Marnel Encarnacion, Jae Asperin)

Getting the chance to watch Les Miserables in Drury Lane Theatre is truly one of the reasons to be thankful of the people who are behind this program. After that night, we all carried the Les Mis fever with us throughout the program.

*Sings* One day more...


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