Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chicago with Love

In my limited horizon as a traveler, I honestly consider Chicago as my favorite city. When we went there, I noticed that the environment was so clean and the traffic was manageable. I also loved the weather because I really love to wander when it's windy.

Where my heart lies. <3 (CTO)
Beautiful view from the Sky Deck of the famous Willis Tower. (Credits: Aldrin Quimtero)
One thing that I love most about downtown Chicago is its variety of shops. It felt like I was strolling around fashion regions like New York or Paris or Tokyo. I felt really bad that I was not able to do store hopping but then it's not something to be upset about because I had other things to do with the group. Better luck next time, I guess! 

I couldn't help but take pictures of the shops!
While we were in the bus, we saw a lot of promising landmarks. I wanted to take a picture with each of these landmarks since I am also appreciative of art. 

Credits: Aldrin Quintero
Group picture! (Credits: ITO)
I survived and I loved what I saw! (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
Did you know that the Cloud Gate or the 'Bean' is the second largest tourist attraction of Chicago? 
PYLP tradition to have a group photo here! (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
Go Charlie! With our adult leader of the week Ate Akizah. (Credits: Nicole Vacalares)
Since then Lake Michigan became an inspiration for us to help in cleaning our own lakes and rivers. (Credits: Aldrin Quintero)
On a separate day, we went to Chicago to go to the Navy Pier, Chinatown and to have our architectural cruise. It was our last chance to enjoy the city so all of us made the most of it!

Thank you Nicole for taking this photo!
So cool! I thought I was in Binondo for a second there.
Go Charlie! With our adult leader for the week Kuya Al! Thanks Sef for taking this photo!
Groupie! (Credits: Nicole Vacalares)
Thanks Kuya Al for taking this, minutes before the cruise ended.
Scanned photo! Borrowed the photo from Kuya Al.
I really had a lot of fun sight seeing. I really want to come back someday. I am sure that there are a lot more to see. But I know it's not the same without these people riding with me in the bus or falling in line with me to take solo pictures. 

Chicago is a wonderful city. Chicago reminds me of wonderful memories. Chicago will always be a place where I spent wonderful times with wonderful people. 


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