Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Chose Red

I know that it's kinda late to post about my last high school promenade. Because duh, it's like March already. But as what I have said, it's my last prom. Therefore, it's special and it needs to be posted! 
Photo by RR Metro Image
I was honestly very very excited for prom. If I remember it right, I started preparing for it early December of 2014. Go ahead and judge me, but I got really happy when I knew that we're allowed to wear red. I mean, pink is still my favourite colour but I have been wanting to wear red ever since I can remember! So, yup I chose red even though  I knew that a lot would choose it too. 
Photo by Vista de Lente
Every event, it's a tradition for me to choose an inspiration for my dress, my hair and make up and my shoes and accessories. This year, I chose Valentino as my style inspiration because I feel like they are the best in designing elegant dresses, especially when they come in red. Then, I chose Marian Rivera as my hair and make up inspiration, specifically her look during her famous wedding. For my shoes and accessories, I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, with all the blacks and crystals--just to achieve pure elegance. 

Photo by RR Metro Image
Since it's my last prom, I decided to capture as many individual pictures as I could. Call me vain or whatever (because I maybe am), but I really had fun doing the shoots. The first one was with Metro Image and the second one was with Vista de Lente Lifestyle Photography. Both gave me really good pictures and I want to share some of the best shots with you.

From Metro Image:

From Vista de Lente:

The dress was a gift. Shoes from SM Shoes and Bags. Clutch bag from Charles and Keith. Jewelry from Karat World. Hair and Make up by Katie's Home Salon.

Prom blogpost number two is about my last hs prom experience. It's coming up in the blog real soon!


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