Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birthday Blogpost: Sweet Sixteen Realizations

For the past days, people flatter me when they say that they read my blog. I mean, it's cool to think that someone actually visits my page. This is my personal space and I am happy that people are actually trying to catch up with someone like me. I know that I have been quite inactive, but it's time to revive this whole thing. 

Let's start with my Sweet Sixteen. It wasn't the bongga type of party or night-out with friends. I spent it in a debate tournament (one of the best I took part of). But this post is not about how I celebrated my birthday, because I am not fond of celebrating it. This is more of a reflection of things that I realized for sixteen years.

Here is to 16 years of existence. Here is to 16 years of growing up. Here is to 16 realizations of your very own Jermiss Mishania. This is hugot, all are based on significant experiences I had.

1. Never assume that you are good enough to deserve something. I know that I deserve all the best things in the world, just like you do. But some things are just not meant for me right now, at the very least. 

2. There are people who love you for who you are; there are those who hate you for who you are not. People tend to misunderstand me and my actions. I feel very sad when people judge me solely based on one imperfection. You are missing a lot.

3. People will remember you because of the wrong things that you have done. I always dispose myself as if I am that perfect kind of girl, but I am not. I commit mistakes and I learn from them. I honestly get hurt when people only see the wrong in me, when they can also look at the right ones.

4. When you destroy your own image, it's hard to make it whole again. Sadly, but true. It's hard to disappoint those who admire you because of a single mistake. If people are not open about my willingness to change, I can't really do anything right?

5. Sometimes, you just need to care less. I know that it is so important to care about the world, that's how a leader should work. But, trust me, caring too much about what others will say, is very very unhealthy.

6. Some people are happy about your downfall. Sadly, but true. I don't know why, but this happened to me countless times. If I were you, beware of those who pretend like they are concerned about you. I am not generalising, though. Just, certain people.

7. Never give up on something worth achieving. There's no other secret to success but faith in God, yourself, and others.

8. It takes time to filter your friends so the true ones will remain. You can say that you can have all the friends in this world. But you know, deep down in your heart, that there are those who will never leave you behind.

9. It's okay to be boring with less issues, than to be famous with more issues than Vogue. Self-explanatory, right?

10. Focus on doing what makes you happy. Once you realize that you are not happy about something, then quit it.

11. Allow others to respect your priorities in life. Mine include career, family and social work. No lovelife, yet. Ha-ha! What's yours?

12. You don't have to try so hard. It's not worth it to try so hard to meet others' expectation of you. You'll end up being insecure and unhappy.

13. Treasure the ones who are always there for you. I love my parents, siblings and friends!

14. Don't get affected so easily. Temper and feelings can ruin you. Never, ever overreact. The aftermath will haunt you.

15. Be bulletproof. People always have something to say. In the end, that tells something about them and not you, right?

16. Always be sincere. Never settle for saying or doing something because someone made you say or do it. It should always be true with no regrets.

I cried, but I wiped those tears. I fell, but I stood up. I was criticised, but I took them positively. I was broken, but I tried to become whole again. I think that's just how life works: You get destroyed, so you have to fix yourself. 

I am very excited about this new year that God gave me. There are A LOT of things to do. Thank you to all those who remembered my special day. Love!

P.S. I really appreciate those who tell me that I inspire them to be a blogger, an honour student, a debater, a leader, a fashionista, a change-maker. Thanks also to those who call me their "modern day heroine".  I am happy that you appreciate the little things that I do. Exceed possibilities, I will pray for you.


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