Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vampire Colors

I love vampires. The addiction partly started with Twilight. I loved the character of Ashley Greene as Alice. Her fashion sense rocked! Then came The Vampire Knight which was introduced to me by two of my anime-addict friends. I was crazy about it, superb. There was this cosplaying event in our school and I was so determined to dress up as Yuuki. But who was I kidding?! Her skirt was way too short! I think that's the thing about anime characters. The style they follow is the revealing kind of wardrobe. It was a tween dream of mine to be a cosplayer. Problem is, I am conservative. And even if I'm not, I still don't make the cut!

So, my outfit post for today is called Vampire At Work.

This is actually one of the simplest style that I made. I love how vampire colors come handy every time. This top was originally my eldest sister's but it's mine now. It's old but the details are so versatile. 

This skater skirt is from Forever 21. Its length is okay that's why we bought it. Plus, the white stripes made the skirt stylish since it's not plain anymore. The shoes are so cheap! If you are an SM Store shopper, you probobly stopped by those affordable ladies' shoes. This pair is from Soulmate. They come in different colors, by the way.

This bag is from Lacoste. It's our gift for our Mom on mothers' day a few years back. It is sophisticated  that it matches every look. 

What do you think of my look? Is it vampire enough? Please let me know!

Alos, like this look at

Happy halloween! 


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