Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stranded Smiles

 I am honestly not good at socializing with people. I mean, of course I act friendly and nice but I'm not really a good talker. Unexpectedly, a trip in the beautiful city of  Davao partly changed that ugly truth.

Originally, I went there for a debate tournament. Yes, I left my acads for Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championships. I was nervous--partly because it was a college tournament and partly because I don't really think that my skills were ready. Well, as what I expected, we didn't break. It was disappointing but I can't deny how much points of improvement that tournament gave me. I will never stop developing my forte on public speaking. I might do a blog post about my journey on becoming a debater next time!

Meanwhile, after I spent my birthday in a tournament (yup, what a nerd! HAHA, just kidding), something unexpected came up. We were supposed to go home by September 9, but a tragic news woke us up. Text messages and tweets about the Zamboanga crisis were frightening. My roomies-- Ca, Iya, Kath and Debra were so worried about what was happening. I remained calm because I was still shocked about what people were saying. I mean, it was all surreal.

We were down to four in Room 413 since Caryl decided to live with her relatives. There you go, the stranded days began.

I don't know if I should consider it as awkward at first, but it felt like it was. I was holding onto my iPad and my roomies were also making themselves busy. Days. Days. Days passed and the airport in our hometown still didn't lift the ban.

We spent nights of movie time together. Mostly in Cinema One, Star Movies and ABS CBN. Funny how we catch the same movies on different days. We all fell inlove with 21 Jumpstreet (CHANNING!) and Suddenly It's Magic (MARIO!) . Banananite episodes were also hilarious! We can't move on with some jokes HAHA!
Haggard. Okay. Haha. Morning madness! Credits to my IG: mishaniajermiss

There were places that we can never forget. Rose Pharmacy and Yogi's Convenience Store satisfied our needs--food, personal stuff (alam na) and the most important, load. I forgot the name of the laundry shop but the Ate there was so kind! Merco's Bakery was also important! That slice bread merienda was no-other. Loleng's! 
With Kath, my debate partner. Seizing the beautiful view at Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort.
We also went to Croc Park! Love the birds! You should visit it too!

We did unforgettable things. Trampoline! HAHA. What a happy feeling it was to just bounce and bounce and bounce! We also played card games. 41! They were so addicted to it. Heart-attack! Wew, this game. I never wanted to play it but it was so addicting!
Losers at card games. HAHA. Just kidding, Kaye!

There were routines that I can't help but miss. The calls from Room 407, housekeeping, lobby wifi, meals in the function room, late-night MCdelivery and not to forget those like-a-boss elevator rides.

Well, off-limits to the unforgettable moments! HAHA My roommates will literally kill me if I spill even a single word here. Let me take a moment to laugh about everything---

So, yes that's it. I know that you can't relate with this but I'm on a hangover. My whole point in this post is that camaraderie is something that is built even on the most unexpected time and place by different kinds of people. 

When I got home safely, I first thanked God. He guided me all throughout my trip and he grant me something that I'll surely treasure for a lifetime. I thank everyone--Sir Espie, Sir Wil, ADC people and all the debating pips from Zamboanga, and the people who helped us to  feel at home. I realized that even though I was away from my family, the people I was with acted like one.

To FOURever Babes-- Deb, Kath and Iya, thank you for being with me on one of the most unforgettable trips of my life. It was fun being with you guys! I really miss you also. See you soon! :)

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