Thursday, October 3, 2013

Classy Teen Find

I always wanted to be featured on a magazine, tv or website. But I never got the chance. The most recent one is my entry for this year's SM GTW Stylebook which I got so excited about.

I was dismayed by the email from the agency, telling me that my entry was deemed invalid because I am not 16-25 years old. It is sad but I can't do anything. I even tried to email the agency but I didn't get a response within 48 hours. The last batch of entries for the promo were released a few hours ago at SM GTW facebook page. I wish all these girls good luck, and even though most of them won't win they should highly feel lucky because their entries were considered.

So that my photo (which was taken by Jeniss Muarip) won't go to waste, I decided to upload it here. Also, instead of blogging about my disappointments I would like to express how much I support SM Girls Teens Wear through the years! 

I love SM GTW. The clothes available there are not just affordable but also classy. The pieces can compete with top brands in and outside the country! There is also unlimited styles--girly, chic, sport, glamour and a lot more! I can't resist going to the Department Store without strolling arround this section and buy something. With countless fab and trendy finds, no wonder why I am ambitiously interested to pursue my dream of becoming their products' model or brand ambassador. 

The one I'm wearing in this collaged photo is a sweet piece by Candie's. I think it is so sulit in the sense that it can be worn on the mall, the beach and even at home! The pastel rosy pink color greatly adds the youthful effect, which every SM GTW piece tries to achieve. Its fit and its length is just right, which makes this pretty printed look PERFECT!

If you haven't tried any of their products, then you are probably missing something in your teen years! So go to any of the SM Store and try out SM GTW now! You can also like their Facebook page or visit their website (

To the SM GTW Stylebook 2013 organizers, I wish your promo a grand success! 

(This blogger is NOT associated or in collaboration with SM GTW.) 


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